Tuna Ünalan

CG Supervisor

Tuna Unalan is a stunning 3D artist who has worked on a vast array of projects including a music video with Skrillex and Justin Bieber and the epic game Wolfenstein II. World class artist is no exaggeration when you thumb through his CV.

Graduating from Savannah College of Arts in the USA (2010 – 2014), Tuna hit the ground running and in 7 years his achievements are simply breathtaking. As a world class 3D Lead Artist and Visual Effects Specialist, Tuna has worked for big brands including Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Fisher Price, Bacardi, BMW, Macy’s, Adidas, Lexus and PlayStation.

Some of the highlights of his stellar career so far include working on Skrillex Ft Justin Bieber’s track ‘Don’t Go’ which has had 24 million views on YouTube since August 2021. Also, Budweiser’s ‘Light Up the FIFA World Cup’ and the epic Wolfenstein video game series.

Truly, it is a mind-blowing addition to a dream team. This appointment shows that Heroes Chained is hell bent on world success and staying true to the Gaming First ethos. (i.e. Game quality first).

Expect greatness; Tuna has landed in Ventuna….

www.tunaunalan.com www.artstation.com/tunalan

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