The Coming of the MayinHara

Long ago the Temple of the Three Vows had tried to destroy the black diamond and stop the rampaging monster attacks against the good people of Ventuna. Alas, instead they released Oblivion's shackles and shattered the white diamond into shards. Courageously, the heroes sacrificed themselves to trap Oblivion on Mount Agnasias inside the shadow crystal. However, the balance of good and evil was destroyed as Oblivion’s evil forces ran wild causing mayhem across Ventuna. But all was not lost, for the remaining power of the white diamond magically manifested the celestial immortals known as the MayinHara. With renewed hope, the races of Ventuna now had a fighting chance with these fierce mage warriors by their side!

The Five Eras of the MayinHara

The Era of First Hope

15% mint chance

All the races of Ventuna tried to fight back against the evil armies of the Dark lord Oblivion. But all hope was lost as the front line defences fell one by one as the evil forces consumed Ventuna.

Suddenly in the middle of battle, a thunderous roar came from above. This tumultuous, earth shattering sound was heard all across the land, causing fear among the evil forces. As all eyes were focused upwards, through the dark skies came arcane spheres of mystic fire crashing onto the land. They exploded in a hurricane of roaring flames in the midst of the evil forces scattering the now terrified enemies far and wide!

As the fire ball onslaught started to ebb, a beaming light shone down through the clouds and from it arose the very first MayinHara. This breathtaking immortal rose into the air and started mercilessly attacking the evil beings who had infested the lands with their putrid ways. With rejuvenated vigour, all the races of Ventuna had their will to fight restored.

This was the first day that Hope had returned to Ventuna in the battle against evil. Henceforth, these MayinHara were known across the lands as the “First Hope”. Passive Skill: Increase team attack by 0.5 - 1.5%

The Bringers of Day Era

25% mint chance

The fight against evil was a never ending battle and tragically darkness still covered the land in evil and hate. Nobody could even remember the last time they had witnessed daylight on their cheeks. As time passed, Oblivion’s power grew in strength and his dark armies became mightier too.

One day from the very heart of evil, Mount Agnasias, an earth trembling quake shook the whole of Ventuna. Next, a spine chilling, dark and eerie fog spewed from the top of the mountain and spread quickly across Ventuna. The fog consumed the minds of any beings that touched it. Nothing in its path seemed able to stop it and the evil forces got stronger and stronger.

Sadly, the races started losing ground on all fronts, as their own kind were transmuted into dark beings and turned on their own kin.

With all hope lost, it seemed that only retreat was the answer. In that moment of futility, from the skies blinding beams of light cut through the darkness and dispersed the fog. All across Ventuna, startled crowds of people witnessed similar sights. Magically, one by one, all beings that had lost their mind to the fog were restored back to normal! It was a phenomenal moment in Ventuna history that none would forget.

Next, from the source of the light, descended beings of light. It was these MayinHara that had purged the darkness from the skies and rid the world of the foul fog. Even better, the evil forces had fled in terror from the battles retreating into the holes that they came from!

As it reached the land the beams of lights started to ebb away and more MayinHara manifested on the land. These immortal heroes had come to save the good people of Ventuna from utter destruction. This was a truly majestic day of celebration. Ecstatic people rejoiced as they once more felt the warmth of the sun and daylight. In honour of this mystical day, the people of Ventuna named these MayinHara as “Bringers of Day”! Passive Skill: Increase team Defence by 0.5 - 1.5%

The Era of the Judgement Bearers

10% mint chance

The Ventuna races were able to hold the defensive areas that protected the main cities and slowed up the forces of evil. All the while, Oblivion's dark power was growing stronger on Mount Agnasias, until the evil one decided it was time to strike back! Using dark arcana, he cast spells to create multiple visions of himself made of fog and darkness magically weaved together. Then, he manifested new armies of minions that he would lead into battle.

One fateful night, at each of the defensive locations of the races, the dark armies set about building monuments of Oblivion using evil magic. Once completed, a dark aura expanded outwards and shot up into the skies. A blanket of darkness covered the lands and air. The evil energy empowered the evil forces who nearby stood in awe at their master’s power. Thwarted, the races of Ventuna started to lose ground. Suddenly, huge vortexes appeared at all the monuments and the multiple visions of Oblivion appeared from them leading forth armies of new and twisted beasts.

These new dark hordes easily decimated the defensive fortifications and emboldened by victory, they began to march towards the major cities. Fleeing in terror, all the races ran and evacuated the cities as they were being demolished by this new onslaught of malevolent forces.

Hope was now in short supply. It seemed that this was the beginning of the end, a moment of apocalypse! Exhausted and in shock, the refugees from the cities watch in disbelief from afar as their cities were burnt mercilessly to the ground. In that moment of despair, without warning, dazzling pillars of light erupted from the centre of the cities. These bright, intense rays of light rampantly obliterated all evil on the streets.

Bursting forth, the MayinHara started charging out from within the pillars of light. Fierce and beyond fear, they began to slaughter the evil forces that occupied the cities. A gargantuan battle started between the MayinHara and Oblivion's multiple forms and new monster armies. From the distance the evacuees could see flashes of light illuminate the night skies. The battle raged for hours until darkness finally disappeared from the destroyed cities.

The visions of Oblivion were vanquished along with the dark armies and their black magic monuments. Yet there was no sight of the MayinHara anywhere! All that remained were the ruins of the major cities. #

In honour of these brave celestials, the people of Ventuna named these MayinHara ‘The Judgement Bearers’. For they surely delivered judgement to the evil armies and turned the tide of the battle in favour of the good souls of Ventuna! Passive Skill: Increase spell card power by 0.5 - 1.5%

The Era of the Last Guard

5% mint chance

Since the major cities were obliterated and all the people were pushed back, the races had only one choice now. They had to work together to build a glorious new city that would sustain all remaining life on Ventuna.

This city was the last stand, a place to regroup and fight Oblivion once more as generations had done before. The city became known as Last Hope, the biggest city known in all of Ventuan history.

As the city was being constructed, the races had created fortifications all around Ventuna to hold off the evil forces. It took everything they had to stem the flow of the dark armies. Even the MayinHara took their place at the front lines fighting magnificent battles. It was do or die time for Ventuna.

Oblivion had decided to use most of the power he had generated to create eight eternal champions. These champions would empower the forces of evil and lead them forth into battle. Ventuna would be no more if the dark armies wiped out Last Hope as it was being built.

Vicious in their attacks, the eternal dark champions assaulted Last Hope from all directions. The races were hopelessly pushed back. All seemed to be lost in this uneven battle, when all of a sudden, the Elves Savage Ventuna and Serin Tandora teleported to the centre of Last Hope. They had come from the Northern Elven forests with a shard of the white diamond Mayin Sandara. Casting a spell with the combined magic of the shard, they miraculously manifested a dome of light which covered Last Hope. Out of nowhere came the Eternal Champions circling around the dome of light. It was as if Savage knew they were coming using second sight and he had created the dome in anticipation to protect the city.

The Eternal Champions commenced their assault on the dome of light. As the forces of good were away from the city fighting the evil armies elsewhere, there was no one to fight Oblivion’s champions.

As the Eternal Champions attacked the dome it seemed to weaken, almost fracture. Was this the end? Incredibly, a light source burst forth from the white diamond shard above the centre of the dome. Then multiple rays of light dispersed across the dome towards its edges.

The glorious MayinHara manifested and immediately began to attack the Eternal Champions. A fierce and turbulent battle erupted! The fighting was so intense that many MayinHara were destroyed but remarkably they managed to force Oblivion’s Champions return from whence they came.

Heroically, Last Hope was saved and of these MayinHara, the few that survived, were entitled “The Last Guard”. Passive Skill: Increase team Ultimate skill power by 0.5 - 1.5%

The Beacons of Light Era

45% mint chance

In the present times, every year new MayinHaras manifest from Last Hope's crystal shard dome, they help keep Dark Lord Oblivion’s evil army at bay while bringing comfort and safety to the citizens as they stand guard at the edge of the city, This is an important time in the Ventunan calendar for the locals to hold festivals and celebrate the new mayinharas as saviours of their world. Many an ale is drunk at the MayinHara Solar Eclipse festivals!

In the Beacons of Light Era, the arcane knowledge of the MayinHaras became known to the sorcerers of Ventuna. The highest warlocks and wizards of Ventuna set up and travelled through rifts into the world of MayinHara. They discovered that the MayinHara were divided into 5 tribes and 5 regions called:

The Tamburian Tribe The Talam Tribe The Nilchee Tribe The Jeela Tribe The Ithara Tribe

The Tamburians were masters of fire magic and they served the Fire dragons of Tamburian. The Talam tribe were masters of earth magic and they were in the service of Earth dragons of Talam. The Nilchee tribe were the mages of air magic and served the Air Dragons of Nilchee. The Jeela tribe were skilled in water magic and were sworn servants of the Water Dragons of Jeela. The fifth Tribe were the Ithara who excelled in ether magic and were sworn warriors of the Ether Dragons of Ithara.

The rift doorway to the land of MayinHara opened with the birth of the 100th MayinHara. From that momentous occasion, a permanent gateway between the worlds was formed.

The Witch of Celtoi proclaimed in a mad and mystical vision, "One day the Dragons of MayinHara will themselves fly through the rifts to Ventuna to fight Oblivion's armies! Such power and might never witnessed before!"

Passive Skill: Increase team Health by 0.5 - 1.5%

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