Market and Target Audience

Heroes Chained is designed to attract

  • Traditional gamers: Game first. Both core and casual gamers.

  • GameFi gamers: Gamers interested in GameFi benefits.

  • Blockchain enthusiasts: Traders, hodlers, NFT, DeFi, decentralization folks.

  • Those who play to earn.

  • No-gamer, no-coiner: HC is on a mission to help blockchain mass adoption via gamification and seamless blockchain functionality with its unique HeC Wallet and market place.

With an intuitive user interface and many, varied features it will be up to the player to decide how much to be immersed and involved in the game.

With a vast land to explore, many quests to perform, tournaments to compete in, guilds to build and heroes to cross-breed, HC will offer long lasting gaming experience. We will enrich the game with new ideas coming from both our experienced team and the game’s community itself. Afterall, Heroes Chained will be owned by its gaming community.

Traditionally, games were dominated by male players, but with the rise of mobile gaming, female gamers now command nearly 50 % of the market. We will ensure that our game is enjoyed equally by both male and female gamers. We will achieve this by developing a game that will work and can be accessed on any device.

Target Audience




Geography has no bearing.


50% Male and 50% Female.

Gamer Type

Casual 30% / Core 60% / Hardcore 10%


Adults and Teenagers who spend more indoor time.

Ethnicity and Religion

Ethnicity and religion have no bearing.

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