We chose Unity for front-end development, due to the following criteria:

  • High quality graphical output.

  • Access to all major market platforms (Google Play, Apple App Store, Windows Store, etc.).

  • Top performance on every major manufacturers’ hardware (phones, tablets, computers, consoles, etc.) on the market.

  • Fast development cycle and short learning curve.

  • Support from all major technology producers (like Google, Facebook, NVidia, AMD, Intel, Havok, etc.).

  • 1.5 billion+ customer base with Unity’s Distribution Portal, which gives direct access to markets such as Google Play, Apple App Store, Huawei App Gallery, Samsung Galaxy Store, Mi GetApps, Uptodown, One Store, SHAREit Game Store, QooApp, APPTUTTi and a lot more…

  • Ability to integrate top software and service producers’ products such as backend, multiplayer, statistics, game play, ads, distribution, etc. with a few clicks.

  • Battle-tested, error free, fast and secure solutions on all major operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows.

  • Ability to have the latest developments of major hardware producers including NVidia, AMD, Intel, etc.

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