Players can connect their non-custodial blockchain wallets to Heroes Chained. This is the preferred and recommended mode. However, non-custodial wallets and the underlying mechanisms are not easy to learn and use for those not familiar with blockchain. This causes user onboarding issues, which is considered as a serious impediment to blockchain mass adoption. Our mission is to resolve this. Therefore, we develop a custodial wallet, called HeC Wallet, with the following features:

  • Easy to use by blockchain illiterate users. It is integrated into the game user interface for both PC and mobile.

  • Easy to onboard: No hassles of non-custodial wallet installation, configuration, token transfer, swapping, etc.

  • Secret key recovery is possible. In non-custodial wallets if you lose your keys your assets are gone forever.

  • State-of-the-art security scheme and module by Dr. Guven Fidan, Ersin Taskin et al.

  • Email or social authentication with 2FA option.

  • Easy cross-chain functionality.

  • Integrated with the in-game and third-party open market places.

  • Easy fiat-crypto, crypto-crypto exchange.

  • Easy DeFi (swap, liquidity pool, farming, yielding, lending, borrowing, etc.).

  • Gamification applied in blockchain, DeFi and non-custodial wallet tutorials.

  • Free and easy transition to non-custodial wallets and on-chain world.

  • Support for fiat option.

The HeC Wallet will allow both blockchain and traditional gamers to coexist in the gaming environment and enjoy the game to the full. It will help traditional gamers to easily enter into the Play & Earn world and switch to the blockchain ecosystem as and when they wish.

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