The Game

What Makes Our Game Stand Out

  • Perfect timing for blockchain based games that also appeal to traditional gamers.

  • Game design and development by Mev Dinc, the Legend and his team for a unique balance of game difficulty to produce easy to learn, and yet deep to master game play.

  • Award-winning-Hollywood arts for the scarce, functional and artistic NFT’s, thanks to Onur Cayli et al.

  • Combining popular card games with clever RPG elements.

  • Real time play as opposed to turn based.

  • Play with lasting fun factor; guilds, heroes, spells, quests and tournaments plus many more.

  • Making blockchain accessible to regular gamers thus helping the genre become mass market.

  • Pulling in non-gamers, non-coiners to both gaming and blockchain, thanks to easy to learn game play, custodial wallet support option, gamification based blockchain user training.

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