GameFi for Game First
We say “game first”. We were gamers before blockchainers. We still are. We want the players really want to play the game. We know they won’t without state-of-the-art gaming experience. For this reason, we develop Heroes Chained; a great fun to play game; a metaverse players want to be in; a metaverse linked to other metaverses, an organic economy based on first the game itself and then the benefits of blockchain and DeFi.
Play And Earn is greater than Play To Earn, because both types make players earn the same way, and P&E is more fun to play than P2E by definition. P2E brings players from coiners, people playing to earn. When we compare the metrics like daily active users of P2E to gaming, we see that that’s the tip of the iceberg even though the modes are play-to-earn vs pay to play/win. P&E adds the traditional gamers to the list, onboarding the entire iceberg.
fun(P&E) > fun(P2E) => economy(P&E) > economy(P2E)
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