GameFi for Game First

We say “game first”. We were gamers before blockchainers. We still are. We want the players really want to play the game. We know they won’t without state-of-the-art gaming experience. For this reason, we develop Heroes Chained; a great fun to play game; a metaverse players want to be in; a metaverse linked to other metaverses, an organic economy based on the game itself, where web3 is a self-custody option given to the gamer.

fun(P&E) > fun(P2E) => economy(P&E) > economy(P2E)

we believe in the hybrid model of web2 and web3.

23 > 2 + 3 > 2

web23 > web2 + web3 > web2

We call our system web23 where we use both tech integrated. Web23 is greater than both web2 and web3 and even their sum.

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