Game Assets

Any valuable item in the Heroes Chained game is stored externally on blockchain as NFT: Heroes, swords, armors, flags, land, card spells, precious material, etc.

An item’s value can be due to any combination of the following factors:

  1. Utility: An NFT item’s utility depends upon its attributes that interact with the game mechanics yielding anything useful to the player. The greater the utility, the greater the value. For example, a hero’s value will increase as its abilities and attributes increase since it will have a better performance, bringing efficiency in winning, exploring, and earning.

  2. Scarcity: The scarcer, the higher the value as in all economies. Land is a good example for scarcity. Scarce items may have attributes in compliance with scarcity like being created by exceptional artists, scarcity in nature, etc.

  3. Aesthetics: Great artists, starting with Onur Cayli, will create NFT masterpieces for the Heroes Chained metaverse. Some of them will be sold solely as pieces of art outside the game. Others will be in-game items with special attributes of utility as well as scarcity. Such masterpieces may have the high-quality master version and the optimized quality game version.

  4. Interoperability: Heroes Chained is designed for interoperability with other games and interoperable NFT items will have additional values, naturally.

  5. Breeding: Heroes can breed. Breeding gives birth to new heroes. Genetic heritage obeys the rules of sexual mating. Parents’ genes are shuffled and the Gods always intervene in mysterious ways, called randomness. The player must be clever to dance with the chances of mutations.

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