Onur Can Çaylı

Art Director

The Mage

Sony Pictures, DreamWorks, Marvel, HBO, Sega, Massive Black, Lola Vfx, Gradient Fx, Netflix.

Game of Thrones, The Amazing Spider Man, Terminator Genisys, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Antman, Man in Black 3, Marvel vs Capcom, Sonic, etc.

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Cayli worked in the Heroes Chained project as the Art Director until the beta release, when he completed his mission to help us create the HC world and build the art team. He also created the unique Mayinhara race himself, just like he created the White Walkers race for Game of Thrones.

Cayli received his MFA degree in Visual Effects and Animation at the Academy of Art University, located in San Francisco. While at the Academy of Art University, he was the lead 3D Artist for the film, “Nieta”, which was nominated for 'Best Short Film' at the Cannes Film Festival, and won 'Best Short Film' at the Toronto Film Festival. He was also the lead 3D Artist for the film, “Pasteurized”, which received numerous nominations and prizes in international film festivals. The Academy also awarded Cayli for his individual style and technical abilities in various art forms. Some of these achievements include: 1st place for 'Character and Concept Design’ (2009), 1st place for '3D Organic Modeling' (2011), 'Maquette Sculpting and Design' (2011). Additionally, Cayli won a 3D Design Honorable Mention award organized by AutoDesk and ZBrush Pixologic (2010), and 1st place in the Piri Reis Illustration Competition, which was dedicated to 'Piri Reis Year' by UNESCO.

Cayli started his professional career at Sony Pictures where he’s had the opportunity to work with many artists from around the world in the Visual Effects and Computer Game fields, at studios such as Dreamworks Animation, Marvel, HBO, Sega, Massive Black, Lola Vfx, Gradient Fx, etc. While at these studios, he was responsible for creating characters, creatures, and design elements for successful Hollywood projects, such as: The Amazing Spider Man, Terminator Genisys, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Antman, Man in Black 3, Marvel vs Capcom, Sonic. Furthermore, he created Character and Creature 3D art for the worldwide TV show, ‘Game of Thrones’. As a result of this, he has become well-known through media channels, magazines, and newspapers.

Cayli is still working as a professional 3d artist in Hollywood and working on his personal art without making concession to his functionality. Currently, working as a freelance art director and concept artist for Netflix. He is now into the game reaching out for his dream.

Eric Neill (Senior 3D Modeler at Blizzard)

“There aren't many artists as motivated or focused as Onur. He's a really pleasant person to be around and very easy to get along with. On top of being very talented, he's also a very quick learner and very cooperative. I'd love to work with him again!”

Daniel Williams (Look Dev Artist, Netflix Animation at Netflix Animation)

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Onur since we both worked at Dreamworks Animation. His enthusiasm for creating compelling art has been evident since we first met. His diligence and desire to constantly challenge himself artistically set him apart from many other artists I have professionally encountered. His obvious artistic acumen aside, he's also a team player and has a great personality. I would enjoy working with Onur again, and if I were in a position to start a company and hire artists he's someone I would do my best to secure as a member of my team.”

Daniel Ramirez (Senior Character Artist at Riot Games)

“It has been a great experience to work with Onur Cayli at Sega. He is a very talented artist that can adapt to different art styles in production and always adds the extra mile to achieve the best possible look for a character. Hope to work together again in the near future.”

Shon Mitchell (Narrative Technical Animator at Microsoft (343 Industries))

“I had the pleasure of having Onur as a junior modeler at Massive Black. Rarely have I come across a young artist with as much focus, determination, and passion to improve such as Onur. In the time he spent with Massive Black he proved himself not only an able and talented artist, but more so someone who truly loved what they were doing and ever eager to learn more, try new things, develop new skills, and meet his own challenges. I would be more than happy to have him on our team again and cannot recommend him enough to any studio he sets his goals to work at”

Nelson Sousa (Model Department Supervisor at Digital Domain)

“Onur is a hard-working, talented and technically proficient artist. He has a great grasp of anatomy and gesture giving him the ability to come up with creative and unique designs that are not just beautiful but also grounded in reality. He has a great eye for detail and understanding of the complexities associated with both organic and hard-surface modeling. What impresses me the most about him is his passion to continue growing as an artist by constantly working on improving his skills. I look forward for the chance to work alongside him again.”


Onur Can Cayli: 3D concept artist interview

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