Our Key Difference

Play & Earn > Play To Earn

Heroes Chained is developed by Inventuna Inc. We founded Inventuna to develop great games and contribute to the web3 gaming evolution. Heroes chained is a manifestation of our thesis on web3 gaming: We don’t develop Play To Earn, we develop Play And Earn; and the difference is game changing. This whitepaper introduces not only “Heroes Chained”, but also “Play & Earn”, as well. In play & earn Web3 is an option to our gamers, where they can enjoy self-custody, censorship-resistance, free ownership, p2p trade, and zero-knowledge privacy. Some will chose that option while some others will keep the conventional game play. We believe Play & Earn will be a new distinct class of its own as a revolution against Play To Earn. The new GameFi projects that focus on game experience first will classify and announce themselves in this group. We may see games move from “P2E” to “P&E” and maybe see the term P2E dissolve in or evolve to P&E, eventually.

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