Heroes Chained (HC) is a fantasy action RPG game where the player becomes a Guild Master and gathers heroes.

It introduces the “Play And Earn” concept to GameFi, challenging “Play To Earn”. It starts the “GameFi for game first” and “game first for GameFi” memes. Game-first dictates a great game which requires a great game developer team. So, team first. Mev Dinc, the Executive Producer, leads the team. Onur Can Cayli, the Art Director, creates the concepts, artwork, texturing, and leads his team for 3D modeling. We suggest the reader to pause here, and check the two heroes of the game development team before moving on. They effectively illustrate the meaning of the above-mentioned memes and “Play & Earn” vs “Play To Earn”.

Every item valuable in the game is an NFT item stored on an independent blockchain. NFTs can be obtained in multiple ways such as exploring, claiming, crafting, breeding, in-game events and purchasing. NFT items come in many forms such as heroes, lands, items, card spells, artworks & masterpieces, etc.

HC offers players countless heroes with different classes, races and genes with many abilities and spells; and the breeding system to create new unique heroes. The game also offers a massive fantastic world with many different locations, hidden dungeons, treasures, monsters and creatures.

HC NFTs can be traded freely among players in-game or on third party open markets, peer-to-peer.

Players use the in-game currency HeC to trade NFT items. HeC is deflationary.

Players can stake HeC to take part in game governance via voting on game-related decisions.

We are on a mission to help blockchain mass adoption. We develop a fiat-friendly, multi-chain, custodial wallet option to onboard non-coiners to the HC World. We have a unique gamification module to help our non-crypto players transcend to the blockchain world, smoothly.

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